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Who am I and Why this program?

I've been an amateur athlete my entire life but now I predominantly train professional athletes. Being a Weekend Warrior like yourself, I understand what it's like to feel slower or weaker than we used to, or always feel like we have aches and pains the day after a game or match. Even though we're amateurs, we still want to compete! At the same time, I have the opportunity to spend countless hours with some of the best athletes in the world and know what it takes for them to be at the top of their game. Now, you may be thinking that they have an unfair advantage because all they have to do is worry about their sport, you're right! But my goal is to meet you in the middle. The goal of this program is to keep the workouts relatively short (Maximum 60 min) but also get the most out of them. 

Who is this for?

If you play a sport or participate in an activity that you'd like to be more effective in, reduce the risk of injury, and end up looking & feeling fit in the process, the Weekend Warrior Rebuild Program is for you! This is a true Rebuild program for those who feel like they've lost their routines over the past little while and are ready to retake a solid grasp on their fitness.

What is it?

A 6-month, 6 phase progressive strength and conditioning program for the everyday athlete. It begins with a foundational phase with simple yet challenging exercises and progressively adds complexity to improve your overall strength, power, speed and resiliency. The ultimate goal of this program is to make you a well-rounded athlete so you'll be ready and able to take part in any activity or sport you choose.

What is it NOT?

  • A get-fit-quick program. Truthfully, training programs that only last a month or two very rarely elicit meaningful change.
  • A DMO (Display Model Only) program. If your sole objective is to look good in the mirror, there are better options out there for you. That being said, the byproduct of committing to the Weekend Warrior Rebuild Program will undoubtedly improve your body composition.
  • A typical program that you're used to seeing online. The majority of generic online programs break up their week by body part (Chest, back, shoulders, etc), but as humans and athletes, we don't only use one muscle group at a time. That doesn't mean there isn't a time and place to do some isolation work, but we need to challenge our neuromuscular system if we want to increase our strength, speed and power.

How will it be used?

Using a FREE application called BridgeTracker, the program will be loaded directly to your phone or tablet. You will simply follow the prescribed workout, checking off each exercise as you complete them. You will be able to record your weights, adjust your reps, leave yourself notes and videos so you can keep track of your progress along the way. Each exercise will have a demo video so you won't have to Google every exercise you're not familiar with. I have also added notes to some exercises to help with cueing, possible modifications based on equipment, and how I want you to execute the exercise to get the most out of it.

Looking for Extra Support? 

Think of having a "Fitness Concierge" in your back pocket. Not only can you ask for help regarding the Weekend Warrior Program, but you can ask questions about anything related to health and wellness (nutrition, sleep, supplements, etc) to make sure you're getting the most out of your efforts. For more information on this option, send me a message here.

Cost for unlimited support: $1,500 / month

How do I get started?

  1. Hit the "Enroll Here" button at the top of the page
  2. Once your payment is processed, You'll get 2 emails (to the address used during payment process) within 12 hours of your purchase: A welcome message from me personally, and one from Bridge Athletic which will prompt you to download their FREE app and set up your profile.
  3. Once your profile is ready, I will load the program and you'll be all set!

*Note: You will have your roster spot on Bridge for 7 months. This will give you both some flexibility should you have some life circumstances that interfere with your routine, as well as a timeline to keep yourself on track.

Program Outline

Phase 1 - The Foundation

The first phase is intended to introduce you to foundational principles of stability, muscle activation, and base-level aerobic conditioning. Although the workouts may seem simple, attack them with intent and you will be setting yourself up for success!

Phase 2 - General Physical Preparedness (GPP)

This phase will focus on muscular endurance and will introduce you to the idea of "work capacity." These circuit-based exercise blocks will challenge your ability to maintain great form while generating fatigue. The better you can manage fatigue the more resilient you will become!!

Phase 3 - Hypertrophy

This phase focuses on an increase in functional muscle mass. This is achieved through a balance of mechanical stress (the weight that is lifted) and metabolic stress (the total time the muscle is under tension within a set). This phase builds upon a GPP Phase and further increases work capacity while setting the stage for increased success of future performance phases.

Phase 4 - Strength

With a strong foundation built, this phase now focuses on an increase in strength. While the primary goal is to increase total body strength, the program remains rooted in movement efficiency. The phase will provide strength to support movement and will focus heavily on fundamental movement patterns as opposed to isolating muscles. This leads to an increase in functional strength, ensuring a positive transfer to the court, field or sporting arena.

Phase 5 - Power

Power refers to the product of mass and velocity, and this is the focus of this phase. Primary movement patterns will be loaded with a moderate resistance, but the added intent for speed of movement is what will lead to a positive outcome for this phase. Sports and life tend to be constrained by time, and strength alone does not suffice. The ability to generate force at speed (power) allows for positive transfer to increase sport performance.

Phase 6 - Advanced Work Capacity

This final phase puts everything together. Every game or match we play, and every day we live is a whole new challenge, we need to be prepared for it all. Phase 6 will combine all fitness elements that have been developed throughout the program in a variety of ways, challenging your ability to manage different movement combinations, loads, time frames, and intensities.

Program Cost

$299 USD - Includes 6 Phase Program (24 weeks) and 7 month roster spot on BridgeTracker.

Equipment Needed

Due to the comprehensiveness of this program, there is a minimum amount of equipment needed to complete it to its fullest extent. If you have access to a full gym, you will be all set. If you’re training from home, here is a list of must-have equipment along with nice-to-haves but not necessary


Foam Roller

Buying Option

Tubing bands with handles & door anchor (or something solid to attach to)

Buying Option

Stability Ball (55-75cm)

Buying Option

Mini Band Set 

Buying Option

Dumbbell Set

Buying Option

Suspension Trainer

(ex: TRX)

Buying Option

Wood Dowel / PVC Pipe / Broom Stick

(approx 5-6’)

Pull-Up Bar

Turf or Grass Field

(does NOT have to part of the gym as the speed days will be on days you don’t have to be in the gym)


Cable / Pulley System 

If not available, bands can be a substitute

Barbell + Plates & Squat Rack

Substitutes can be made with Dumbbells

Kettlebell Set

Substitutes can be made with Dumbbells

"I just started this program and I'm already in love with it! I definitely needed to restart from scratch and the Rebuild program has the perfect starting point."
- Georgina
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