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Jason Martin

Owner | High Performance Coach

Jason has been manoeuvring his way through the fitness and wellness world for the last 20 years and is still very aware there is still a lot to learn. Although he specializes in high performance and strength & conditioning, he is well versed in the nutrition, recovery, and mindfulness space. In saying that, Jason understands the value of those who specialize in their respective fields and strongly believes in a collaborative approach to helping each one of his clients. Having the opportunity to work with professional athletes from the NHL, CFL, MLB, and ATP, Jason understands the mindset and planning that goes into becoming a high performer. He carries this attitude and process into his work with the everyday athlete and those looking to optimize their overall health and fitness.


Mike Deboever

High Performance Coach

Mike has been working in the training/fitness/sports field for over 20 years now. His passion for the human body led him through a masters in kinesiology when he lived in Brussels, Belgium. Shortly after graduating, Mike moved to Canada to live closer to his family. With no fear, Mike took on the biggest project of his life so far and opened his own business as a CrossFit Affiliate. He is located in Montreal where he works with a wide range of athletes across all ages and levels. His goal is to improve people's health & fitness through movement and education.


Mackenzie Lant CNP, CPT

Nutrition Coach

Mackenzie is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) and honours graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Mackenzie currently works with a broad spectrum of clients helping them with issues ranging from mental and digestive health, to hormonal imbalances and cancer, but has a special passion for performance nutrition. Mackenzie is also a Personal Trainer and works to combine both disciplines in an effort to provide clients with a 360-degree wellness plan. She loves fitness, food, and the outdoors and has a passion for optimizing human potential.


Dr. Ian MacIntyre DC FRCCSS(C)

Sports Specialist Chiropractor

Dr. MacIntyre is a sports specialist chiropractor who works extensively as a consultant for various professional athletes and teams. He is a recognized expert in the area of injury prevention and injury rehabilitation and is a sought after soft tissue specialist. Dr. MacIntyre has authored in scientific peer reviewed journals, lectures on the topics of injury prevention and rehabilitation and mentors graduating chiropractic students. He graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and completed a post-chiropractic fellowship program in sports sciences. He is certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA), Active Release Techniques practitioner (ART), and medical acupuncture provider (McMaster University). Dr. MacIntyre’s private practice is in Oakville, Ontario.


Harold Rose

High Performance Coach

Harold is the Director of the 1080Speed program and HD ProFitness. He is a former Team USA World team coach in track and field. Since 2003, his team has been providing speed programs and wellness coaching in the Jacksonville Florida community. Harold strongly believes that when it comes to training, you don't have to be an athlete to use athletic principles. His approach is holistic, movement focused, and results-driven.

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Mitchell Creasey

Executive Coach

Owner of The President's Coach Mitch is a life coach providing world class support for those who support everyone else.

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Zack Marchildon

High Performance Coach

As a strength and conditioning coach, Zack has worked with athletes ranging from recreational to professional levels. His specializations include; improving performance, movement dysfunction and rehabilitation from injury. Having been a varsity athlete, Zack has an intimate understanding of the effort needed to maintain high performing habits and routines. He has a well-rounded background in nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle coaching and prides himself on continually seeking and exploring the latest research in the high performance field. Zack has a strong belief that a holistic approach which incorporates movement, nutrition, recovery and mindset practices are crucial when attempting to optimizing health, wellness, and performance.


Jared Foote

Bodyweight Movement Specialist

Health is about more than fitness, it’s about mindfulness, play, and our relationship to ourselves and others. Benching and squatting is great, but the body evolved to move in innumerable ways. With a little creativity, and a lot of focus, the body alone can be the single tool needed to achieve an outstanding level of strength, mobility, control, and concentration.

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Laura Mallette

Laura began her athletic career at a young age and never looked back. After competing with the Provincial and Junior National water polo teams, she set her sights on coaching, and ultimately Sport Psychology. Laura has a Masters in Intervention and Consultation in Sport, Physical Activity, and Health, and is a Professional Member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association. She has experience working with club, elite, and high performance athletes, as well as coaches, everyday exercisers, individuals rehabilitating injuries, and people simply looking to optimize performance. Her philosophy is rooted in self-awareness; she believes that by developing and honing this skill, one can adapt, perform, and excel in whatever they choose. Excellence isn't a habit. Excellence is trained.

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