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What is truLOCAL?

truLOCAL is your source for local high-quality meat products coming straight from
Ontario farms and fish suppliers. From 100% grass fed beef to wild caught sockeye
salmon to boneless skinless chicken breasts, we’ve got you covered!  We deliver
overnight using dry ice, which means even if you’re not home to receive your delivery, it
will stay frozen until you get back. Our plans come with no commitment, you can skip,
pause or cancel your plans at any time!

A new way to support local

We started truLOCAL as a way for people to easily access locally sourced meat
products within Ontario and have recently expanded our model out west into Alberta
and British Columbia. In the past year, we have evolved into one of the leading
alternatives for grocery store shopping. If you’re already with an amazing farmer or
butcher, perfect, but for everyone else still looking for an alternative to the grocery store,
you’ve found the right place.

Connecting you to the source

We’ve developed our own online platform that acts like a marketplace for local farmers
and suppliers to sell their products online. Everybody wants to shop and support local,
but it’s always been such a challenge. We believe you should be able to choose who
you buy from, see where it was raised and still enjoy amazingly tasty food. So whether
it’s a mouth-watering AAA striploin, incredibly flavourful wild caught salmon or game
changing bacon, you can get some of the best ON products all in one spot.

How BioLink can get you started

There’s absolutely zero commitment with truLOCAL! However, if you try out your first order using our
unique promo code, you will receive 8 free chicken breasts added to your first 3 regular size orders. If
you order a small box, no worries, you’ll still get 4 free chicken breasts in your first 3 orders. If you enjoy
your order, it doesn’t matter when you decide to have your next box, but rest assured it will come with
free chicken!

Be sure to use our unique promo code BIOLINKPERFORMANCE at checkout and you'll receive your FREE chicken!

For more information, visit www.trulocal.ca

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