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Being a high performer requires you to be at your best on a consistent basis. You have your passions and interests, and in order to maximize your output, you need to have a clear mind and a healthy body. Regardless of your profession, sport, activities, or hobbies, no one wants to be average. You want to make an impact. Operating in an optimal state requires you to look at the major pillars of health and wellness. Lifestyle. Exercise. Recovery. Nutrition. We are only as strong as our weakest pillar.  


Our days are filled with conscious and unconscious decisions, many of which contribute directly to improved health or towards sickness. It's important for us to take a step back, assess our routines & choices, and create solutions about how to make as many health-promoting habits as possible. Clear mindedness is the ability to mobilize 100 percent of your energy in the present moment to be, say, or do the thing that feels most aligned with the person you want to become. Understanding the value of a supportive social network, being ok with asking for help, and learning how to focus on yourself are some of the key components to succeeding in creating mental freedom.

Movement / Exercise

Our bodies are meant to move. We are designed through evolution to be able walk, run, climb, jump, lift, change direction, and react. We have an incredibly complex neuromuscular system that is still being studied relentlessly in the name of maximizing human potential. Our bodies adapt to stimuli that are consistently put upon it, which can be both detrimental or beneficial…but it’s up to you.
Our bodies adjusts its structure in response to outside forces (Wolffs law). For example, our palms and fingers develop calluses if you work with your hands. Our bones become stronger when load is regularly placed on them (hence why those who are at risk of developing osteoporosis are told to do weight-bearing exercise). Our hips get "tight" because we sit for too long. In order for you to pick the best movement/exercise protocol, you have to identify what your needs are and what your regular routine is doing to your body. Both good and bad.


Most people have a general understanding that everything we put into our bodies has an effect on something. Unfortunately, only some of us bother to pay attention to the signals we receive from our bodies. It is understandable that the world of nutrition can become extremely complicated with the instant access to information (both good and bad). The concept of nutrition at the cellular level can be very complicated, and there are several variables to consider. The good news is that by learning how to develop healthy habits and by paying attention to how these habits affect your energy levels, body composition, and brain function, you can create a relatively simple plan for yourself. The key here is to educate yourself from reliable sources or coaches who can help you create a progressive approach to optimizing your intake selection.

Sleep / Recovery

This is an area that is often overlooked. However, some would say sleep / recovery is the most important pillar. The best way to explain the importance of sleep is to understand what happens when we don’t get enough hours or the ideal quality of sleep – irritability, cognitive impairment, increased reaction time, decreased creativity, impaired immune system, decreased testosterone, memory loss, weight gain, risk of type 2 diabetes. Although sleep is an incredibly important form of recovery, there are other forms, both physical (ex. hydrotherapy, massage) and psychological (ex. meditation, breathing), which can contribute to your overall health and development. Recovery MUST BE part of the program. Once you understand which techniques are most effective for you, then you can reap the rewards of your efforts.

Everything on this site is directed at the dedicated Weekend Warrior. The person who likes to be active, present and available for their family, look and feel good, and just do well at life. If you opt in for our virtual coaching service, you’re essentially hiring a personal fitness quarterback.

Testimonial Image

As a professional athlete, it’s very important to surround yourself with people who care and are knowledgeable. Jason not only checks both boxes but goes above and beyond to help in any way he can. Whether it’s nutrition, sleep or knowing when to push me to a new level, I can always count on Jason and trust him with all my health and fitness needs.

Ryan Strome

Professional Hockey Player
Testimonial Image

...He has a passion for new knowledge and more importantly an ability to apply this knowledge to the people he coaches. He makes you want to be a better coach. We have collaborated on In/Off Season Strength and Conditioning training hockey players, CrossFit athletes, Private Training assessment considerations and long term career goals...

Dan Rogers

Head Coach & Co-Owner | CrossFit Streets
Testimonial Image

In my experience Jason was dedicated and motivated to learn and improve in the fields of wellness and strength and conditioning. He was always first to say I don’t know or I can find the answer for you. These, to me, are great signs.

Joey Votto

Professional Baseball Player
Testimonial Image

Jason was an integral part to extending my professional hockey career as he not only looked after my daily training routine but guided me with nutrition and supplementation help. By developing a personalized program specific to my needs, it was easy to build trust in his coaching and teachings.

Dave Nicoletti

6 Year European Pro Hockey Player | Italian National Team

“High Performance is succeeding beyond standard norm, consistently, over the long term.”

- Brendan Burchard

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