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OneCoach Program

Take the Guesswork out of your Fitness!

Imagine you had a full-time Coach - A Fitness Concierge if you will - in your back pocket, essentially On-Call?
A highly experienced fitness professional at your disposal anytime you had a question or needed to refine some strategies to make you as fit and healthy as possible so that you can do whatever is most important to you, and do it at the highest level.
This Coach will be your accountability partner, information hub, strategist, and your go-to resource for anything related to your well-being.
With YOUR OneCoach, you'll never have to Google a question and hope for the best ever again, we're just a message away!

Hear Me Out...
When we decide we want to take control of our health and fitness, typically we would do one of the following things…
A - Head to our local gym and hire a personal trainer for on-going training sessions (usually 1-3 times per week) or have them “build us a program.”
B - We might download an app that offers daily workouts and nutrition recommendations.
Or C - at the very least, we’ll find a generic online program that promises to get us in the “best shape of our life"

First of all, these aren’t bad options, there are some amazing trainers out there, some apps are easy to follow and have a straight forward system, and typically even generic programs will improve your overall fitness if you stick to them long enough.

Here’s the reality
If you are only seeing that amazing trainer 1-3 times per week, that’s only 1-3 hours out of the 168 that are in a week. Since your time is limited with that trainer, it’s very difficult to discuss anything beyond exercise in that time frame without interrupting your workout. I’m not here to tell you that working with an in-person trainer is a bad thing, you’ll learn HOW to exercise safely and effectively. What I’m saying is the workouts are 10 pieces to a 100 piece puzzle. If you follow an app or online program, there is very little guidance that is specific to YOUR needs.

Where I’m going with this is I want you to consider all of the factors that contribute to your overall health and fitness. The 4 overarching categories are Nutrition, Exercise, Recovery, and Lifestyle, and within each of those, there are several subcategories that need to be managed.
Here’s a top-level overview of those categories:

Foundational micronutrients 
Calorie totals 
Macronutrient splits
Meal prep strategies
Planning for uncontrollable circumstances
Nutrient density
Daily movement (N.E.A.T.) 
Exercise selection
Corrective exercise 
Sleep quality
Sleep environment
Sleep duration
Physical treatment (Chiro, Physio, massage, etc)
Breathing techniques
Light therapies
Hot & cold exposure
Stress management
Habit management & alteration
Mental health (happiness, motivation, purpose, etc)  
Travel routines
Inner circle
Learning “control what you can control”

Within each of these subcategories are strategies and protocols that can be tailored to your needs so you’re getting the best “bang for your buck” as far as time spent on health management. This is an overwhelming list of considerations for most people, and trying to figure out what route is best by googling, reading, or listening to podcasts can be a frustrating & time consuming journey of unnecessary trial & error.

How does it work?
Good question. Through a simple communication app called Voxer that operates similar to a two-way radio (also has text, photo, and video sharing capabilities), you’ll have full time access to YOUR coach. As often as possible they will respond within the hour, of course there may be times where that response window is a bit longer since life can get in the way for anyone.

To start, you would have a video call to go through an intake process so the coach can get a solid understanding of where you’re at relative to your goals and uncover your limiting factors. This will also give you and your coach a chance to make a great early connection and make sure you feel that the person in your corner has you covered.

The OneCoach Team
          Jason Martin
          Mike Deboever
          Mackenzie Lant
Each of our coaches has a capacity of 5 roster spots. If you'd like to learn more about them, click here.

Real Life Questions

“I’m travelling to Vegas for a 4-day conference and I don’t want to fall off the wagon, what can I do to ensure I eat well and get my exercise in?”

“I’ve been having knee pain while I jog, how do I fix it?”

“I feel tired every morning after I wake up and need a few coffees to get going, why is that?”

“My energy is inconsistent throughout the day, how do I level it out?”

“My schedule is inconsistent which leads to inconsistent workouts, how do I make sure I’m getting them in?”

“I feel like I eat well but can’t seem to lose body weight, what am I doing wrong?”

“I enjoy cycling for my exercise but I know I should be doing some strength work & mobility, how do I add that in and what should I be doing?”

“I’m going out for dinner with clients and they like to eat and drink a lot, how do I minimize the damage?”

“I listen to a lot of podcasts and they all recommend different supplements, how do I know which ones I need?”

“I work with a trainer for my workouts which is great, but I feel like my body isn’t adapting”

“I would like to get my sore shoulder looked at by a specialist, who do you recommend?”

“My partner isn’t as health conscious as I am which makes meals and routines challenging, how should I manage this?”

“I hear a lot about fasting, is that something I should try?”

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